The years of the seventies are far away, when the green flag was waved by marginal groups encouraged by the latest derivations of the ideological drunkenness that dominated a part of European youth. Fortunately, environmentalism in most cases is serious and accredited. The concern for the environment has become a sensitive issue for public opinion. An example of the advance in general mentalization is the domestic classification of solid waste. A few years ago it was difficult to imagine that in homes they would worry about ordering garbage in different bags and putting them in different containers.

Many people may have come to think, partly perhaps because of the information that appeared in the media, that the classification of the pieces that make up the containers and packaging on all of them is accurate because they are unnecessary and undesirable materials. The opinion of many, blame the packaging, waste and plastics for a good part of the progressive deterioration of the planet. This is not the case, the truth is that most of the packaging is used to protect the products and allow their use without waste and waste. We must be careful with this type of negative ideas and it should be made very clear that thanks to the development of the packaging industry it has been possible to reach the levels of optimization of resources that Humanity has reached.


The processing of foods including their corresponding packaging offers great savings of products and energy. For example, in the case of birds, everything is used: feathers, guts, offal … which are conveniently packaged from animal products to jellies and fats. With this procedure, only the container is thrown away.


Food waste in Western Europe is estimated at 2% or practically all is used, while in Asia they are close to 30% and 50% in Africa. The main reason for this good data from Europe is that packaging avoids the waste of food, derived products and energy. This does not mean that packaging should be used in a generalized manner, but only when necessary, avoiding double packaging. It should be remembered therefore that the containers are not an enemy to be fought but an ally to use in a measured way.

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