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Give visibility to your company in the only specialized bilingual magazine in the metal packaging sector. Top quality technical content, market research, technical articles by specialists and the most relevant industry news.

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Increase the visibility of your company immediately, without intermediaries, select the number of views, attach the banner, the url and publish immediately.

The ads will be published in the technical information section and in the news section, among the text in a random way until the number of views is reached.

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If you have any corporate news that you want to give extra publicity to, such as the launch of a new product, machinery, new plants, events, do it in our featured news section. You’ll get the extra visibility and promotion that can make all the difference.

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permanent ads

Our most visible option, fixed banners always visible in all our categories, gain visibility of your brand, product or service.

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Do you want to advertise in one of our technical information categories? Personalized advertising by theme, you can choose the categories you want and have a fixed banner for a very low price.

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Company Directory

Make your company stand out from the rest. Include your company in our list of companies with direct link to your website and social media content. Receive more customers, increasing conversions. Includes color logo, direct quote request, text, phone number and featured ad.

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