We put our experience at your service, comprehensive advice for the metal container, in all its processes, developments or filling of the same containers or cans of beverages, paint, aerosol, preserves, etc. We have a team of professionals at your service, with flat rate, unlimited consultations, monthly payment and without permanence.


Due to the high competitiveness and complexity of manufacturing packaging, companies need to achieve their objectives and differentiate themselves in the market, have to manufacture with superior quality and make it more efficient and effective. For this they need an additional bonus in terms of knowledge, resources, experience and tools.



through the Continuous Consulting service, offers all its potential through specialized technicians with a high experience in different specialized areas, adjusting it to the needs of each client.


in the manufacture of containers, at your service, with a flat rate for easy management.

Additionally we do other types of jobs such as:

  • Claims management, we are your ally before a claim to your provider.
  • Technical assistances to plant. You have a specific problem, we go to your facilities and advise you on your plant.
  • Formations in plant or in own or external facilities.
  • Approvals of new products or clients, we would visit the final client of your part to mediate before a concrete problem or a homologation.

Thanks to this you can get:

Widely expand your technical knowledge about metal packaging since we will always be behind you technically oriented and focused on your goals.



1. The methodology is that mundolatas puts at your disposal initially 11 technicians (we will add), which will answer all your technical questions by email, where you fill in a query template where you can include images, text, etc. where the problem is described.

2. the problem is analyzed by mundolatas that derives the query from the most specialized technicians in this field so that together with an answer, you can also ask specific questions to specific technicians, always thinking about the objectives established by the client.

(You can also ask specific questions to specific technicians, always thinking about the objectives established by the client).


He started his professional career in Metal Packaging in the Vogel & Noot group in 1971, which at this time only had one can making plant, located in Austria. End of 2006, he retired from Vogel & Noot Packaging group, which meanhwile had 11 manufacturing plants in Europe. (At the begin of 2011 the group was bought by Silgan for 250 million euros). Gerhard started out as plant manager in 1971 and later as managing director for technical affairs (CTO), which has allowed him to be present and actively participate in all developments of new products, studies of cost reduction, implementation of new manufacturing technologies as well as any critical problems of the metal packaging.
For ten years following after his retiremennt, he worked as a part time consultant to Silgan Metal packaging, the new name of the group, after takeover by Silgan. He also was the key technical guy during the lincense agreement of the Vogel & Noot packaging with American Can Company, and took a leading technical position for some time in the IPA (International Packaging Association).

Gerhard’s strengths:

  • Technology of packaging manufacturing 3pc, complete manufacturing line.
  • Technology of packaging manufacturing 2 pc for food, complete manufacturing line.
  • Ends manufacturing technology, complete manufacturing line.
  • Specialist in material specifications for cans and tin ends.
  • Cost saving ideas for manufacturing.
  • Advice to canmakers to improve their process with low cost.
  • Quality engineering procedures.
  • General consultant of the metal packaging in different projects.

Gerhard joins the multidisciplinary team of Mundolatas as an advisor to contribute his 48 years of exclusive experience of the metal packaging.

He has a degree in Business Administration, started his professional career in 1999 in Rexam as a printing technician for 2pc beverage packaging where he spent 8 years, later he was a training technician for the Rexam human team as well as coordinating SMED where he was able to expand his knowledge and obtain several successes in the company reducing change times, this stage made him become for a long time as Rexam maintenance manager in the manufacture of 2pc of beverage of BackEnd and FrontEnd equipment (printer, ink cartridges, varnishes, pinoven, necking, palletizer, insidespray, light tester, B7000, cupper, IBO, and coil handling system). In 2016 he was hired by Ardagh beverage as production manager where he led several projects in addition to planning preventive and corrective maintenance, in recent years he has worked as an advisor for Latin America in beverage can plants.
Andre’s strengths:

  • Expert in printing of beverage packaging.
  • Full online expert in beverage manufacturing
  • Lean toll, Smed ,Kaizen,workshops, Kpi’s
  • Staff training.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance BackEnd and FrontEnd
  • Expert in machinery repairs
  • Expert of the product 2pc Beverages

Now he joins Mundolatas as an advisor to bring his 20 years of exclusive experience to the beverage cans.

He has a degree in Chemical Sciences as well as different training from Aenor, began his professional career in 1979 as quality control of canning and packaging technology, at the beginning of his professional stage he was 7 years moving by different food packaging companies as a director of quality, in 1986 until 2005 was contracted by Mivisa with 11 plants around the world (in 2014 acquired by Crown Cork, for a value of 1,200 million) as director of quality of the headquarter, getting experience in those 19 years in addition to the quality applied to the canmaking and methods necessary for the correct manufacture of cans and ends in manufacturing processes of easy to open ends (EOE), which led to Mivisa becoming a consultant from 2005 until today in companies as important as Comeca Group, Global Ends or Mansouri Metal box. He has been a member of several SEFEL and AENOR standardization technical committees.
José Francisco’s strengths:

  • Quality management of metal packaging
  • Expert in varnishes
  • Expert in tin raw material.
  • Customer complaints.
  • Interaction of the cans with food
  • Quality technician and easy opening (EOE) processes
  • Sefel regulation
  • Aenor Standards

Now he joins Mundolatas as an advisor to bring his 40 years of exclusive experience to the canmaking.

He has extensive experience in the metal packaging industry, especially in the manufacture of printing, coating and decoration of metal cans (fancy boxes), both in Spain and in the European market. Partner for 27 years in “Manufactura de Envases Cromometálicos SA”, a company specialized in the printing and coating of metal sheets. CEO and partner of Emdesa SA, a decorative can factory where they manufactured their own machines for irregular, square, cylindrical, relief etc. packaging.
Currently, and since 2015, he is a consultant in the can making industry, mainly in printing and coating, as well as for the installation of new lines, with the aim of improving the factories within the industry.
Oriol’s strengths:

  • Manufacture of shaped metal containers (decorative packaging).
  • Adviser in machinery for metal containers with form
  • Advisor printing cans or containers.
  • Technology advisor for packaging printing.
  • Connoisseur of 2pc packaging technology and tapas

Oriol joins the multidisciplinary team of Mundolatas as an advisor to contribute his 27 years of exclusive experience of the metal container.



He began his professional career at Auxiliar Conservera, which has 6 cans and ends manufacturing plants in Europe and Latin America. Fernando began in 1971 as a maintenance manager for more than 40 years, which allowed him to be present and actively participate in developments in new products, repairs of all types of machinery, manufacturing of tools and formats, managing technical office for the design and workshop for the manufacture of any spare part, this has led him to face any problem of the metal packaging, in addition been managing and making technical assistance to customers (canners) throughout his working life.

Fernando’s strengths:

  • 3 pc packaging manufacturing technology, complete manufacturing line.
  • Ends manufacturing technology, complete manufacturing line.
  • Specialist in material specifications and tolerances for the manufacture of tooling in any of the manufacturing processes.
  • Technical assistance to canners.
  • General consultant of the canmaking in different projects.
  • Specialist in metrology and measurement Double Seam
  • Double Seam

Fernando joins the multidisciplinary team of Mundolatas as an advisor to contribute his 48 years of exclusive experience of the canmaking.


Chemical engineer and master in engineering. He began his professional career in 2009, at Indisa, a project engineering company recognized in Colombia, his native country. Subsequently, he entered Holasa, one of the few manufacturers of tinplate and chromed sheet in Latin America. There he has worked for more than 9 years, in the areas of quality control and process control, lithography, varnishing and technical assistance. He has been in contact with companies in the sector from the United States to Peru, including Pelliconi, Grupo Mar, Panasonic Centroamericana, AB-Inbev, Nestlé, among others, training and advising them on the use of tinplate, chrome-plated sheet and varnishing processes. Likewise, in parallel, he has developed his career as an independent consultant, serving different industries including the energy sector, sanitation services and ports in terms of organizational, quality and environmental management.

Juan Felipe’s Strengths:

  • Expert in the manufacture of tinplate and chromed sheet.
  • Expert in the application of inks and coatings in metallic materials.
  • With experience in supplier approval, claims management and evaluation of variables of interest in tinplate, chromed sheet and coatings.
  • With experience in quality control and environmental management.
  • With training capacity of operational personnel.
  • With knowledge in sustainable management of metal packaging and circular economy..

Now he is joins the multidisciplinary team of Mundolatas as an advisor to contribute his 10 years of exclusive experience of the canmaking..


He began his professional career at Carbonell Oils. At the beginning it started in the Factory Maintenance Area, and then focused on the constitution of the Quality Area, especially in Processes and Packaging. In this area he specialized in R&D and the development of new products. His knowledge in the area of ​​metal packaging has been very broad from the customer’s point of view, problematic in the lines, shipping worldwide as a major exporter of olive oil, etc, etc …
After 23 years in the oil sector, the last 3 years he has served as Factory Director in Metalgraphic of the South, belonging to the Auximara Group, where he has deepened his knowledge in the world of metal packaging, from a manufacturer’s point of view.

Francisco’s Strengths:

  • 3 pc packaging manufacturing technology, complete manufacturing line.
  • Ends manufacturing technology, complete manufacturing line.
  • Metal packaging technology.
  • Problems of metal packaging in international distribution.
  • Specialist in specifications of materials, coatings, regulations of Food Safety, Migrations ..
  • Technical assistance to customers and canners.
  • General advisor of the metal packaging.
  • Pioneer in the use of vision equipment for seam quality.

Now he joins Mundolatas as an advisor to contribute his 26 years of experience in the 3pc.


He is a Mechanical Engineer and started his professional career in Can Manufacturing in Alwatania CMC Co. in 2000 in Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the only can manufacturing plant in Riyadh), here he specialized in the manufacture of 3Pc packaging where he gained high knowledge on the complete line process, Modern coil cutting, coating, multi-colour printing machines, high speed fully automatic body-making and fabrication equipment, in-house design and pre-press section, quality control laboratory with the most sophisticated equipment.
He retired from CMC in 2015 and then I started at UEPN United Expertise in 2017 in Saudi Arabia.

Edwin`s strengths:

  • Complete process of 3 pc. manufacturing line
  • Quality engineering procedure.
  • Knowledge in autocad design to be able to manufacture parts.

Now he joins Mundolatas as an advisor to contribute his 19 years of exclusive experience in 3pc packaging.


He is an engineer oriented to the design of new products, since 1998 he is working in different companies as a designer of new products and new processes, he has worked in Meltog designing machinery and being responsible for certain projects, later he was in Denso, Shipley where he worked within a Multidisciplinary team responsible for the design, development and implementation of custom machinery designs, thermal systems, turbochargers etc.
Subsequently, he was at Stelram working for BMW, Infiniti where he continued to acquire work method and diversify his experience.
Finally work at Carnaud Metalbox Engineering LTD (Crown Packaging PLC) Beverage Can End making specialist/new product development. New product development, change over time reduction, diagnostic system implementation, preventative maintenance implementation, Industry 4.0. It was present in all types of packaging such as Aluminium/steel , beverage/food can Bodymaker specialist, important parameters, process, tooling, mechanisms – problem solving, can quality & important settings, using the control of finite element analysis (FEA) for development, Highlight your specific skill all kind two pieces can bodymakers, standun, stolle, chinese slac, bm5000 carnaudmetalbox, and all others high speed presses, also three pieces can bodmakers Meltog and others. And neckers, spray machines, draw presses, and some aspects decorators.

Achievements/patents for our sector such as:

GB2552533B – Radial displacement monitor – GB grant
GB2552530B9- Ram alignment for can bodybuilder – GB Grant
GB2561859B- Can base training – GB Grant
GB2552528B- Modular can bodymaker – GB Grant
GB2552528B- Redrawn Sleeve Set – GB Grant

BRONISLAW’s Strengths:

  • Design and development Finite element analysis Introduction of IO-Link
  • Project management Project risk analysis 3D modeling
  • Process improvement CE regulations in practice Troubleshooting
  • Pneumatic applications Lean Manufacturing Electrical knowledge
  • Hydraulic applications Kaizen Philosophy Factory 4.0 Implementation
  • BEng 1st (Hons)
  • Specialist: Autodesk Inventor 2017 / Siemens NX 7.5-11 / Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 / Ms Office / Adobe / PLM / IoT

Now he joins Mundolatas as an advisor to contribute his 38 years of experience in general mechanics, designs / developments and specialty metal packaging.


Graduated in marketing and economic sciences in 1976, he started his metal packaging career in January 1995 as the commercial director for Crown Cork and Seal NV in Deurne, Belgium, where they produced food cans, crown corks, aerosols and plastic closures that were sold in a good part of Western Europe.

Some promotions later he became sales director Europe for aerosols and general line at Crown Packaging European Division GmbH in Baar, Switzerland.

After all those years he has acquired a deep knowledge of the European aerosol market and the promotional packaging market like biscuit tins for example.

He was an active member of Sefel (president 1999-2000) and later he joined several commissions at Metal Packaging Europe (MPE).

A combination of an experienced and inspiring salesman together with a target-oriented people manager made him achieve outstanding results in his division.

His constant quest for market information and a never-stopping desire to innovate (product, supply chain, new market development, etc…) allowed him to become a strategic business development manager for the company in his last year before retiring from Crown.

As of October 2019 he is available as your strategic advisor on commercial matters.

Luc Bosschaert’s strengths:

  • Expert in assessing the future of the fast-evolving packaging market
  • Good knowledge of data monitoring systems in order to help taking the right managerial decisions for the future
  • Long experience in people management (sales and marketing)
  • Advisor in analysing market opportunities
  • What, Where, Who: Advisor in elaborating report conclusions for investment options, factory location and people hiring,
  • Languages: English, French, German, Dutch and notions of Spanish


Now he joins Mundolatas as an advisor to contribute his 24 years of experience of the canmaking.


In his academic carrier he specialized on analytical Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques of various production processes, sheet metal forming in particular. He continued his work in Saturnus factory, later becoming a part of Vogel&Noot group, now Silgan, as R&D specialist, focusing on new product developments and production line design and optimisation in production segments of 2pc bowl-shaped cans, cosmetic can and easy-open ends. He was responsible for areas of R&D, new technology procedures, investments and maintenance. As team leader he worked on projects involving complete new product implementation into production process, tools design, manufacturing and troubleshooting, quality control procedures, investments and cost-saving projects, preventive /corrective maintenance procedures. He was running a group’s project of implementation new film laminated materials into regular production process, connecting materials suppliers in fields of food and general line products.

Dejan’s strengths:

  • New product development: new product design, production line and tooling design, implementation and production start.
  • 2pc bowl-shaped and cosmetic cans manufacturing technology, complete production line design and optimisation.
  • Material specification and proper definition of product materials (chromium steel, tinplate, aluminium) and its optimisation technics, downgauging.
  • New film laminated materials for food products (non-sterilisation and sterilisation products) and general line components.
  • Tool design, materials specification and tolerances, troubleshooting, production line machinery and tooling maintenance procedures.


Now he joins Mundolatas as an advisor to contribute his 18 years of experience of the canmaking.


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