Do you have any need? We pass your application to different companies at the same time, they manage your application and we offer you different possibilities in one go.

We are currently able to supply a wide range of products such as :

  • Metal containers of all kinds.
  • Beverage cans.
  • Covers/bottoms of any format.
  • New or second hand machinery
  • Spare parts or tooling.
  • Raw materials.
  • Process or product control machinery.
  • Measuring tools.
  • Consumables.
  • If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.

From Mundolatas we strive to get the best prices from our partners for you because our priority is to meet your needs in a simple and agile way thus obtaining a good price target essential for these moments, we have partners from different countries so your request will be processed by different companies internationally.

We also have the

online shop

which you can visit and in some cases buy directly or request information without obligation.

Save time, we do it for you.

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