In Mundo Latas you will find a wide range of services focused on metal packaging manufacturers in Spain, Latin America and the rest of the world. If you are a manufacturer and you want to make your product known in the best way, you should know that we are your best option. We have years of experience in the sector and we have positioned ourselves as a viable alternative to acquire metal containers and get in touch with large companies.

If you want to help your company reach the next level you need to think big. Our services are intended to provide information about the world of metal packaging. However, beyond the informative connotation, we are dedicated to offering real opportunities to our users.

Featured Companies

Jallut logo

Jallut Pinturas, S.L.U.

Tinplate and aluminum treatment, varnish application

At Jallut we develop, produce and market paints and varnishes. Belonging to and backed by the strength of the Barbot Group, the second largest Portuguese paint company, we are a family business based in Barcelona.



Impression of leaves and bodies


Multi-operation press, Prensas de embutición, Prensas tiras de hojalata


Second hand machinery

Second hand machinery for can makers

Incan Consulting Group

Technical advice

Company dedicated to the technical consultancy of 2 pieces aluminium cans for beverages.



Logo Varas Group

Amador Varas

Manufacturers of machinery for container fillers or cans, Tooling and formats of machinery for packaging manufacturing

Kade Aluminum

Aluminium manufacturer

Aluminium manufacturers and exporters of aluminium cans and lids


Manufacture of components and accessories

Leading Italian manufacturer of metal and plastic components and accessories for industrial containers


Impression of leaves and bodies

Tinplate printing for industry


Plastic pallet manufacturers

Manufacturing of plastic pallets for industry


Automatización de sistemas, Conveyor cans, Manufacturers of machinery for container fillers or cans

Loliser Polishing

Polishing of sealing rollers without disassembling the seamer.

Egile Cantooling

Prensas fácil apertura, Repuestos Originales

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The opportunities for metal packaging manufacturers in Spain, Latin America and other countries are increasing all the time. We are part of that process. Do not miss this opportunity that will only bring you benefits. It’s quick and easy!

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Mundo Latas has become the main ally of many clients and companies that are in period of growth. We are pleased to be able to offer you a quality service fully adapted to your needs.

The way to achieve this is through the variety of services we can offer you. With us you can get exclusive consulting information and the opportunity to make your business known quickly and with good results.

Don’t forget that we can help you in many ways, our commitment is to your well-being. Don’t hesitate and ask for a quote!

International directory of metallurgical companies, manufacturers of metal packaging, beverage cans, supply of tinplate and raw materials for metal packaging in all its variants, large directory of companies for metal packaging.

We also have another directory of manufacturers of machinery for the manufacture of metal cans, beverage cans, 2 piece deep-drawn cans, complete lines for the manufacture of lids, multi-shelf presses, complete lines for the manufacture of containers from container welding machines, varnish drying ovens, magnetic conveyors for metal containers, seaming machines for metal containers, beading machines, beading machines, palletisers, combined working groups…

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