Engineering Services:

If you need to outsource engineering services Mundolatas is your technical solution.

If you need external technical support, Mundolatas is your ally, looking after your interests at all times and maintaining the privacy of the developments with confidentiality agreements.

All our engineering services can be turnkey, find out more.


The purchase of tinplate and aluminum is the main expense of the company, being essential to have optimized thicknesses to be competitive in the market and to offer competitive prices to your customers, but this is a great risk if done in an uncontrolled manner, so Mundolatas offers a turnkey solution for these developments.

Do you want to reduce your costs? Do you see that your competitors make the same format of packaging in thinner thicknesses and you want to do it?

From Mundolatas we take care of giving you the turnkey solution, we analyze your product, press or manufacturing line, the product to be packaged and the requirements of your customers, with these data we make you a proposal for a new and unique design using finite elements to optimize your product taking into account all the details of manufacturing and processing, we manufacture your new product, we guide you in the manufacture of the first units, we analyze them and we make sure they meet the objectives set.

In addition, we homologate your new product in the companies of your potential customers to be sure that the cycle is closed safely and above all to make sure that your customer will homologate your new product and having reduced costs in manufacturing.


At Mundolatas we remove wrinkles from your double zipper in a comprehensive manner.

Do you have wrinkles or peaks in the double zipper and you can’t get rid of them? Are wrinkles causing you problems with your clients?

Mundolatas can help you, because the problem can come for many different reasons we study it in depth, tinplate, characteristics of the closure, machinery, process and product, once we have all the data we fix our efforts in the part that has more influence for the elimination of wrinkles in the double closure, from a tooling recommendation, recommendation of tinplate, product design, process improvement…

Do not hesitate to contact us to request information without obligation to eliminate wrinkles in the double zipper and get a wrinkle free double zipper.


As we know the mini-seam, is the closure that we have to evolve to cope with the hardness of tinplate DR and to process them correctly which will allow us a reduction in thickness, but for that we have to save different problems and Mundolatas can do it for you.

Do you want to evolve your packaging towards the mini-seam?

Mundolatas can do it for you, we study your product, process, tooling, characteristics of the tinplate and product to be packaged, then we design your strategy taking into account all the factors such as die design for the manufacture of the product, choice of the new closing tooling, approval in our own factory and in the customer’s factory if necessary.

In Mundolatas we accompany you from data collection until after the approval phase to ensure success in the development of projects.


Do you want to develop a new product?

Mundolatas is your ally, we use FEM (finite elements) to define the most optimized geometry, we recommend the characteristics of the tinplate and we manufacture/design all the tooling, we analyze the samples obtained and we accompany you during the manufacture of the first units of the product, then if requested we accompany you in the approvals of your new product in your customer’s home to guarantee a total success with the new product.


Have you created a new product and you want to approve it for your customers? Are you having problems with your customers or with the production of the new product?

From Mundolatas we accompany you in the homologations of your new products or we give you another point of view of some problem with your new product.

We visit your customers to supervise and look after your interests, we make the problems that your product may present to your customer as small as possible, we put our knowledge at your disposal for your company.

Subsequently, if requested, we accompany you in the approvals of your new product in your customer’s companies to ensure success with the new product.


Do you have a new client that you want to take care of the homologation? Does your customer require you to go through an approval process to be able to serve cans?

Mundolatas does it on your behalf, we attend the homologations at your client’s premises looking after your interests and ensuring that the homologation is successful or taking corrective actions in order to homologate that strategic client that you need to homologate and you need extra peace of mind.

The homologations of new customers it is highly recommended that technicians come from the manufacturer as it is essential to have a real vision of what is happening because a small failure (often solvable) can make our approval is rejected by the customer thus losing the sale.


Do you have a complaint from your customer or supplier?

In such a technical world where problems are often detected several days / weeks after processing is necessary to have all the technical expertise to defend you from your customer or supplier, Mundolatas can help you, send us the images or damaged product and we make an assessment of the problem, making the necessary tests to the container to be sure of the problem, preparing a full report with all the details so you can present it to your customer or supplier, we will be your ally in the most technical moments.

If necessary we can visit the client to mediate a specific situation.


The metal packaging industry is very technical and is in need of qualified personnel, so from Mundolatas we want to offer specialized training services.

Do you need to train your staff?

As we know the experience in this technical sector is something fundamental, we can help you, we use our network of consultants and companies to offer you the specific training you need, it can be in your facilities or in the facilities of Mundolatas.

We adapt to your needs and we do customized trainings always looking to meet the specific needs of the client.


Do you need to improve the quality of your data sheets or drawings? Do you need product drawings with Sefel nomenclature?

In Mundolatas we offer 3D design service with sefel nomenclature, get some plans of your product of lids or packaging updated with a 3D image and all the sefel references according to the international recommendation.

We design your product or machinery and we deliver you the original plans and in PDF so that the custody and custody is yours, we can make only the drawing in 3D or the complete technical data sheet, at your choice.

We work with the best design software and we put them at your disposal in a simple way, just contact us and we will inform you of the possibilities.

Modernize your plans and thus improve your image to your customers by giving them a technical data sheets (product plans) according to the image you want to give, a good cover letter will make your customer generate an extra confidence in your company, Contact us and we tell you how we can do it.


Do you have a specific need?


We are happy to listen to you and to offer you the most suitable option for you, we will use all our resources to find the solution to your problems/needs, do not hesitate to contact us explaining your specific case for more information.