Engeneering services:

If you need to outsource engineering services, Mundolatas is your technical solution.

If you need external technical support, Mundolatas is your ally when watching over your interests all the time and preserving the privacy of your works and developments.

All of our engeneering services can be turn-key, feel free to ask for information.

The purchase of tinplate and aluminium represents the main expense of the company. Therefore, it is vital the fact of having optimised thicknesses so as to be competitive in the market and to be able to offer competitive prices to your clients. However, this could be too risky if this process is developed withour control. For this reason, Mundolatas offers a turn-key solution for these projects to you.

Do you want to reduce your costs? Do you see that your competitors manufacture the same can format as you but in thinner thicknesses and do you want to to this as well?

In Mundolatas we work to provide you with the solution turn-key, we analise your product, press or format, the product to be canned and the requirements of your clients. With all these data, we make you a suggestion of a new and unique design using finite elements (FEA) in order to optimise your product to the maximum by means of taking into account all the details related to the manufacturing and the whole process. Besides, we make your product, we offer you guidance in the manufacturing of the first units, we analise them and we ensure that respect the established objectives.

Moreover, we standarise your new product in your potential clients companies so as to be sure that the cycle is closed with security and, specially, to ensure that your client standarise your mew product at the time that he reduces the costs of the manufacturing process.

In Mundolatas we remove the wrinkles of your double seam in a comprehensive way.

Do you have wrinkles or spurs in the double seam and you cannot get rid of them? Are those wrinkles causing you problems with your clients?

In this regard, Mundolatas can help you, since these difficulties can be caused by different factors, which will be studied deeply by us. We will analise several data, such as the tinplate, seam characteristics, machinery, process and product. Once we have all this information we focus our effort in the area which has a higher influence in the elimination of the wrinkles in the double seam, from a recommendation of tool, recommendation of tinplate, product design, improvement of the process, among others.

Do not hesitate to contact us to request information without any obligation in order to delete the wrinkles in the double seam and get one, which is free of them.

As we know, mini-seam is a type of seam which should be evolved so as to face the hardnesses of DR tinplate and to be able to process them correctly. This will enable us to carry out a thickness reduction, but to achieve that we have to solve several difficulties and Mundolatas can do it for you.

Do you want to evolve your cans to the mini-seam?

Mundolatas can do it for you. We study your product, process, tool, tinplate characteristics and the product to be canned. Then, we design your strategy bearing in mind all the necessary elements, such as the die design to manufacture the product, the selection of the new sean tool, homologation in own factory and of the customer, if necessary.

In Mundolatas we accompany you from the collection of data to after the homologation phase to ensure the success in the project development.

Do you want to develop new products?

Mundolatas is your partner in this regard. We use finite elements (FEA) to define the most optimised geometry. We recommend you the features of tinplate and we manufacture/design the whole tool for you, we analise the obtained samples and we accompany you during the manufacturing process of the first pieces. After that, if it is requested, we will accompany you with the homologation of your new product at your client’s home to guarantee a total success with that new product.

Have you created a new product and do you want to standardise it with your clients? Are you having difficulties with your customers or with the production process of the new product?

In Mundolatas we accompany you in the standardisation process of your new products or we provide you with other point of view when dealing with any problem related with your new product.

We visit your customers to check and take care of your interests, we try that the problems that you may have with your product and your customer are the least. We offer you our background knowledge to your company. Later, if it is requested, we accompany you with the homologation of your new product in your customer companies to guarantee the success with the new product.

Do you have a new customer and do you want to look after the homologation process? Does your client demand a homologation process so as to deliver the cans?

Mundolatas does it in your name, we assist with the homologation in your customer home, taking into account your interests and ensuring that the homologation is successful or developing corrective actions in order to standardise that strategic customer that you need to standardise and you need an extra of calm.

It is recommendable that technicians on behalf of the manufacturer take part in the homologation process of new customers, since it is transcendental the fact of having a real view of what is happening. A small mistake (which, in many occasions, can be solved) could provoke that our homologation is refused by the customer, losing, in that way, the sale.

Do you a complaint of your customer or supplier?

In a so technical world where problems, in many occasions, are detected some days/ weeks after the process, it is necessary to have all the technical experience to be able to defend your client or supplier. Mundolatas can help you in this regard. You can send us the pictures or your damaged product and we assess the problem, carrying out the necessary tests of the can until we are sure of the difficulty. Then we prepare a complete report which contains all the details so as to you can show it to your client or supplier. We will be your partner in the most technical moments.

If necessary, we could visit the client to intercede when facing a concrete situation.

The canmaking industry is quite technical and it is needed of qualified staff. For this reason, Mundolatas is willing to offer specialised training services.

Do you need your staff to be trained?

As we know, the experience in this so technical sector is fundamental. We can help you as we use our consultants and companies network to offer you the specific training that you need. It can be developed in your facilities or in Mundolatas facilities.

We adapt ourselves to your needs and we develop personalized training with the purpose of accomplish the specific needs of your client.

Do you need to improve the quality of your technical datasheets or drawings? Do you need drawings of your products which count on Sefe recommendation?

In Mundolatas we offer a 3D design service with Sefel nomenclature. Do not hesitate to get drawings of your product, cover or containers, which are updated, with a 3D image and all the Sefel references in accordance with the international recommendation.

We design your product or machinery and we hand over you the original drawings  and, even in PDF, so as to guardianship and custody are yours, we can offer your the possibility of doing just the drawing in 3D or a complete datasheet. It is your choice.

We work with the best software in the design field and we offer it to you in a easy way, just contact us and we will provide you with information about all the options that you can have depending on your case.

Modernise your drawings and improve the quality of your image when dealing with your custormers by means of providing them a datasheets (product drawings) which are in accordance to the first impression that you want to cause on them. The latter one will make your client to be able to trust you and see you as a reliable company. Do not hesitate to contact us and will be pleased to inform your about all the details that you need to know about this process.

Do you have any concrete need?

We will be pleased to listen it and to be able to provide you with the most suitable option for you. Therefore, we will use our resources to search the solution for your problems/needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to explain your specific case so as to have more information and to be more efficient in our work.

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