The types of seam that can be applied at the junction of the body of a can with its lid or bottom depend on several factors, they must be taken into account before selecting the appropriate in each case.

These factors are:

–          Thickness of lid metal.

–          Amount of metal wing cap to close

–          Thickness of body metal

–          Body tab (dimensions)

–          Metal hardness

Depending on the values ​​of these factors, ideal closing dimensions will correspond, which will be framed within a specific type of seam.

About the dimensions and characteristics of the different types of seam there are already several works posted on this Web, now we just present a summary table, where according to the above mentioned factors, the type of seam to be used is defined.

For the field of each type of seam, the numerical values ​​of the body tab (” pest “), the height of the resulting seam (” AC .”) And the metal of the wing of the lid to be closed are indicated in said table. (” M. a C.”)

When the canbody to be closed is embossed, it is advisable to add 0.01 to 0.02 mm to the nominal thickness.

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