seaming roller lanico

Dear Sir,

We read in your website that you do make seaming rollers for lanico seaming machines, so here we are contacting you. We are a 17 Liters square cans and irregular cans manufacturer and have requirements for seaming rollers etc.

We shall be obliged if you would supply us with seaming rollers for use in LANICO seaming machines UV245

• 1 st Operation rollers

• Profile = 2.6

• Quantity = 4 ( for testing evaluation)

• Roller internal diameter = 34.76 mm aaprox.

• Roller external diameter = 80.00 mm

• Roller height = 30.97 mm approx.

our current 1st Op. rollers have the following markings – E 241

                                                                                             4A 25

Your comments and suggestions please. Many thanks

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