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What is Metalatas?

Metalatas is a three-dimensional and completely virtual parallel universe where you can perform activities such as marketing, networking or training, among others, using your personalized online avatar.

An immersive multi-sensory experience where you will be able to interact with all the participants in an easy and fluid way thanks to the voice or chat communication system.


Metalatas - Virtual and without leaving your office


Metalatas Talks given by leading industry experts


Metalatas - Specialized training, continuous and free of charge


Metalatas - Networking and professional growth

Networking and professional growth

Open 24 hours - 365 days

Here you will find a virtual space open 365 days a year for international networking from wherever you want, optimizing costs, in an efficient and fun way.

In Mundolatas we know that the digital transformation of business has already arrived, the virtual industry is already a reality. That is why we have created Metalatas, the space of the future of digital media where you set the limits.

Training and presentations

Our meetings are 100% virtual, where you will have the opportunity to enter a digital room through your own avatar and interact with other people.

We offer free weekly trainings with Mundolatas’ top consultants, experts in two-piece and three-piece aluminum food packaging.

Metalatas training

Real-time communication

Real-time voice and chat communication.

Exhibition area

At Metalatas you will have the possibility of taking your company to the Metaverse where you can carry out machinery or product presentations, internal trainings, meetings, or any event you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

You can decide whether the event is public or private. A space where you can invite your customers to the launch of your new machinery or product, showing it in 3D, exponentially increasing its impact on your launches. You will also benefit from the flow of Metalatas customers. You decide whether it is a private or public event.

The variety of scenarios is very wide and you have the advantage of being able to design them to your liking.

Metalatas training

Own stages for private or public events

How can I be present?

If you are a company, you will want to be part of our Metaverse. A space for sales and constant networking, without leaving the office, without high costs, without traveling, etc.

Visitors from anywhere in the world are potential customers for your company and access is unlimited and free.

Rent your space for presentations, events, meetings and enjoy its advantages, a public or private experience, you choose.

Metalatas training
Metalatas training

Rent your own space

You can be present at Metalatas in two ways:

1.- Renting a booth in an open exhibition area

2.- Reserving a virtual stage where you decide its design and functionality.


In addition to our virtual spaces, you can also choose other services to give more visibility to your company.


Personalized lectern with videos, presentations, websites, portfolio, etc.


Personalized Mupi with your brand with action button.

4x3 Panel

Double-sided panel personalized with your brand

Why should you be present?

Be a pioneer and join the fourth industrial revolution with Metalatas. A safe space, free from pandemics, wars or natural catastrophes.

If you are a visitor you will be able to access the many advantages offered by the metaverse as a new way of understanding the global metal packaging sector, accessible and fun.

If you are a company and want to lead the change, join Metalatas. You will lead the digital transformation of businesses achieving greater visibility, brand reputation, increased sales and consolidation as an innovative company.

Reserve your space at Metalatas

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