One of the main causes of poorly placed coating on metal sheets is the misalignment or rotation of sheets as they go through the rollers of the coater. To prevent this from happening, one must make sure that the sheets are always properly aligned by measuring them.
With over 20 years in the industry of can making, Innosen, a specialist in developing sensors and quality control equipment, found a clever way to prevent this problem.
Innosen’s IS415 Sheet Skew Measurement System reliably measures the alignment of the sheets on coaters and printers, and detects all sheets that are skewed or misaligned. It provides immediate feedback so these sheets can be rejected–avoiding the problem of poorly placed coating.
Using the IS415 can also improve the overall coating process as it records complete statistical data of all measurements made, which allows the user to make necessary adjustments and process improvements.
Users have reported an overall production rate increase between 5% and 20%. Even if line speed is increased, the IS415 ensures that statistical data remain acceptable. Furthermore, as the system inspects all sheets 100%, you are sure to detect all skewed sheets no matter the line speed.
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