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How to remove wrinkles in the double seam?

arrugas en el doble cierre

To eliminate or reduce wrinkles in the double seam, you can follow these tips:

  1. Adjust the roll pressure: Make sure that the roll pressure is correctly set so that the material is folded evenly during closing operations.
  2. Increase the number of turns in the first operation: With a roller seamer, it is usual to make 7 turns of the can for the first operation and 4 turns for the second operation. More twists during the first operation allow for a smoother pick-up, which decreases the tendency to form wrinkles.
  3. Adjust machine speed: Sometimes too fast or too slow a speed can cause wrinkles in the double seam. Adjusts the machine speed to find the optimum point at which wrinkles are minimized.
  4. Check the quality of the material: Make sure that the material used for the lid and body of the can is of good quality and has the right thickness. Poor quality material or incorrect thickness may cause wrinkles during the sealing process.
  5. Check roller alignment: Make sure that the rollers are correctly aligned and in good condition. Misaligned or worn rollers can cause wrinkles in the double seam.
  6. Maintenance and cleaning: Perform regular maintenance and cleaning of the seamer to ensure optimum performance and reduce wrinkling.
  7. Try other locking roll profiles.


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