Located in Murcia, in the southeast of Spain, Autorema has a great advantage over its competitors. The fact is that in a radius of 20 km around Autorema we can find large can making companies such as Crown&Cork, Auxiliar Conservera, Bemasa, Domiberia, Malofe,…

This strategic geographical location that can now be called the “tin valley” has allowed Autorema to develop many solutions for handling metal cans and their parts: robotic applications, palletizers for cans and ends, baggers & wrappers for ends, debaggers for ends, automatic balancers, cartoning systems,…

Today, Autorema has a team of over 70 people among which there are 10 engineers and over 40 mechanical and electrical technicians which are trained to serve the needs customers have all over the world. Such design strength allows them to develop solutions that are on the cutting edge of technology.

The many patents they hold for more than 20 years are proof of this.

The many patents they hold for more than 20 years are proof of this. Some of these patents involve ultra-compact palletizers for cans and ends, palletizers for irregular shaped containers, automatic paper baggers for ends, solutions to avoid lack or excess of product in the final packaging,…


In other words, they know that the top priority of cans and ends handling systems is not to worsen product quality, not to condition line performance, to facilitate change-overs, and to allow maximum flexibility while seeking the highest degree of automation.

Regarding the handling of containers and ends, Autorema has developed a concept of own design that allows to reduce scratches and damages on the tinplate. Some of these systems have been shown to reduce up to 25% of rejected product due to damages suffered during handling.

Principles such as continuous improvement, LEAN methodologies, 4.0 Industry and support for sustainable development are what define the company policy.

We invite you to visit their website www.AUTOREMA.com where you can see a wide range of solutions related to the handling of metal containers and process automation.

They will be delighted to put the Autorema mechanism at your disposal which has been perfecting itself for more than 30 years.

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