The separator ring and pilot ring are essential components of the body forming machine, which is used to manufacture aluminum beverage cans. These rings play a crucial role in the ironing process, ensuring that the cans are formed accurately and uniformly.

Separator ring: The main function of the separator ring is to remove the can body from the punch or ram once the ironing process is finished. Ensures that the can body separates cleanly from the punch without damaging the surface or shape of the can. The spacer ring also helps to maintain the shape of the can when removing it from the punch.

Pilot ring: The pilot ring is responsible for guiding and centering the cup (preformed can) when it enters the ironing process. It ensures that the cup is correctly aligned with the punch and ironing rings, which is crucial to achieve the desired dimensions and wall thickness for the can. The pilot ring helps to avoid any misalignment that could lead to defects in the final can product.

Both the puller ring and pilot ring are critical components that contribute to the efficient and accurate production of aluminum beverage cans on the bodymaker machine.