What is the electrostatic powder coating layer in can welding?

Electrostatic powder coating in can welding is applied to protect the weld zone and prevent metal exposure. Here are some approximate specifications for a “super-wima” type electric welded container:

  • Coating width:
    • Bare container interior: 6 to 7 mm
    • Inside of varnished container: 10 to 12 mm
  • Film weight:
    • Bare interior: 60/70 gr/m2
    • Varnished interior: 85/120 gr/m2

Please note that these values are approximate and may vary depending on the type of container and specific application conditions. The objective is to work with the minimum weight of powder without exposure of metal after the container has been cordoned off. The ultimate test of quality is to verify the exposure of metal according to the porosity test.


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