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Thais Moraes

Ball Corporation Communication Director for South America: “At Ball we have always been pioneers in innovation. We are looking for a print that makes it possible for cans to change color or glow in the dark”.

ML- How has the canned beverage market evolved since you started working in this sector until today?

In recent years, the sector has recorded unprecedented sustained growth. Consumer behavior has changed and this packaging allows beverages to be consumed on certain occasions as they cool faster and are easier to transport.

On the other hand, consumers and their priorities have also changed: sustainability and the circularity of packaging are a differential for more and more of them.  Since last year, Ball South America has been certified by the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI), a seal for packaging that strictly follows global performance and value chain standards.

ML- In 2021, your company recorded net sales of close to US$13.8 billion. Do you consider these to be excellent results given the very complicated situation the metal packaging sector is going through? What are the main issues the company is facing this year?

In the words of our CEO, Dan Fisher, based on our second quarter 2022 results, “Global growth in sustainable aluminum beverage and personal care packaging continues and, in certain regions, varied from original expectations. Through our capital discipline, financial strength, ownership mindset, manufacturing footprint and innovative product portfolio, we can successfully navigate the current economic environment and create value for our stakeholders.”

ML- One of your latest developments is the Can Experience graphic center based in Jacarei. Tell us a little about why this is such an innovative project.

Can Experience is the world’s most complete and innovative can design center. Here, Ball offers its customers a space to think about and test label printing technologies. In just 8 hours, it is possible to test the application of varnishes and paints, calibrate colors, test art changes and even design the product in the gondola, through gamification. It is also a company hub for the development of new printing techniques and solutions.

Since Ball we have always been pioneers in innovation. We want to offer a product that consumers want to interact with and, therefore, we are looking for ways to include   printing that makes it possible for cans to change color, or glow in the dark, among others.

ML- There is a trend that is here to stay, the use of cans, as is the case with the distribution of canned water at sporting or charity events, or your aluminum cups. Brands are clear about it and are betting on it. In your opinion, what would be the next advances or trends in this regard?

One of the most recent global trends is the production of canned water.  In Brazil, for example, the brands Água AMA, Água Minalba, Serra do Atlântico and Mamba Waters market water packaged in Ball cans, while in Chile, Awa Solar is the first canned water generated from the air via solar energy. 

On the other hand, the alcoholic beverage market is also advancing for cans. We see great growth in the segment of wines of all types. According to the latest report of the INV (National Institute of Viticulture of Argentina, a country where this beverage is an emblem) during the period from 2020 to 2021 the can had an increase of 77% in the category, being the fastest growing and reflected in the volume of cans in the market. 


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