The abbreviations SEFEL mean “European Secretariat of Manufacturers of Light Metallic Packaging”. It is a European organization founded in 1959 with its head office in France representing the packaging industry and the metal capsules of the countries of the European Union.


The main objectives of SEFEL, all relating to packaging, are:


  • Encourage the exchange of scientific and technical information.
  • Establish contacts with authorities and institutions.
  • Promote common activities.
  • Participate in the preparation of legislation in the framework of the European Union and in the development of common standards.

As a result of the working groups among the members of this secretariat, SEFEL publishes some “Recommendations” that are not mandatory among the partners, if they are documents of inestimable value to ensure the interchangeability of the products and thus improve the processes and the productivity. These recommendations are taken into account by the manufacturers and users of metal containers.

Particular interest are those related to the execution of the closures of the caps on the containers, since they facilitate the good use of products from different suppliers.



Recommendation No. 1: Interchangeability of closure in containers (1999)

No. 2: Standard for rectangular containers and cylindrical (Transformed to standard)

No. 3: Standard for rectangular packaging
stackable (Transformed to standard)

No. 4: Packaging for beverages:
Interchangeability of closing and filling.

No. 5 Coils and sheets of aluminum and alloy
of aluminum for containers and covers.

No. 6 Opening dimensions for ear plugs plastic. (Transformed to standad)

No. 7 Tinplate and chrome plate for the      manufacture of light packaging. (1999)

No. 8 Packaging: Dimensions and capacities.
(Transformed into standard)

No. 9 Test methods for packaging.

No. 10 Pallets for empty containers (food and
drinks). (nineteen ninety six)

No. 11 Aluminum caps for drinks:
Opening effort (2001)



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