tin properties

Tabla comparativa de las propiedades mecánicas de la hojalata y sus principales usos

Mechanical properties of tinplate

Euronorm EN 10202Euronorm oldYield Strength (Mpa)Hardness (HR30T)ASTM Main end use
TS245 T52195-29549-57T2General line
TS260 T55210-31051-59Expanded cans
TS275T57225-32553-61T3General purpose
TS290T59240-34057-65T4Aerosol tops
TS340290-390Can bodies, can ends
TS480430-5303P can bodies
TS500450-5503P can bodies
TS520DR520470-570DR7.53P can bodies
TS550DR550500-60068-76DR83P can bodies
TH330280-380Drawn can bodies
TH360310-410Drawn can bodies
TH415T61365-46557-65T43P can bodies, crown corks
TH435T65385-48561-69T53P can bodies, crown ends
TH460410-510Can ends, easy-open ends
TH480430-5303P can bodies
TH520DR520470-57067-75DR7.53P can bodies, tabstocks
TH550DR550500-60068-76DR83P can bodies, tabstocks, aerosol tops and bottoms
TH580DR580530-63069-77DR8.5Twist-off caps, drawn cans
TH620DR620570-67071-79DR9Twist-off caps, can ends

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