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Long live the rulinas’, is their motto. Loliser, based in Molina de Segura, has almost half a century of experience in the metalworking industry. Mundolatas interviews its founder, Fernando Fuentes.

ML-Loliser was created in 2017 in order to solve an industry need in double sealing for metal packaging such as oxidation of the double closure. Nevertheless, you have extensive experience in the industry. How did you get started in this sector? and how has it evolved over the years?
Since 1968 until 2022 I am related to the metal packaging, my work experience was developed as head of mechanical workshop passing to director of maintenance and as responsible for customer service at international level in Auxiliar Conservera, I have been serving their customers having the technical knowledge from the manufacture to the process of closing of customers, With all this experience and the daily need to solve the problems of oxidation of the double sealing, the Polser polishing machine was created, which polishes the sealing rollers in 30 seconds without disassembling the seamer, restoring the brightness of the roller throat and consequently obtaining a double sealing free of varnish scratches.

ML- You can boast that your company holds the international patent for the Polser roller polisher. What are the advantages of this system over the traditional ones?
The procedure used by the sector before the existence of this polishing machine was different, manual and expensive, for this reason it was patented internationally, before the existence of the polishing machine it was necessary to stop production, disassemble the rollers, polish them and then reassemble and adjust them, this is obviously a costly process in time and consequently in money, with our system in just 30 seconds per roller you have it polished and ready to work, the Polser polishing machine, provides quality and productivity.

ML- In addition, the rollers can be polished by any operator without the need for experience and without removing them from the seamer. A breakthrough? – Specifically, you market 4 models of locking roller polishers, the cable version, battery, 1 single head and polishing automation. What are the differences between the models mentioned above?

Yes, it is certainly a breakthrough because you don’t have to be a double zipper expert to have a chafe-free double zipper.
As you say, the four models are very practical, each one has a specific use and provides a different benefit or is focused on the different types of existing industries.

Automation will undoubtedly be a breakthrough for the industry, because at the touch of a button from the control panel, all the rollers will be polished automatically.

negotiating with different seamer companies to include the system in new seaming machines.

ML- Currently Loliser products are present in five continents, which companies would you highlight and why?
The interesting thing about this system is that it applies to the entire industry, from food can makers, canners, beverage can fillers and seamer manufacturers. All the companies for Loliser are very important, but to highlight some of each sector mentioned would be, for example; Can manufacturers such as Auxiliar conservera, Epinsa, Huber packaging, Fadesa, Prodenvases, Comeca… Canners such as Calvo, Isabel, Aconcagua Food, Oderich, Eurofish, la costeña, Escuris… Beverage can fillers such as Coca cola, Refresco, Rauch, Geloso… and seaming machine manufacturers such as Ferrum and Comercial Somme for their technical service. As it can be seen, the polishing of the sealing rollers is a necessity of the sector.

ML- Has Latin America been key to your success?
Latin America is a very important market and it is always necessary to be successful in this sector, due to the demands it has for its climate, production, maritime export… the Polser polisher fits perfectly, although it is necessary for any company related to the sector in any country, we have customers from all kinds of countries, from China, Europe, Latin America, North America, Emirates, Africa…


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