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“Spain is a very strong country in the easy openness sector where we expect high demand.”


Industrias Peñalver, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, specializes in the manufacture of cap coating and gumming machines, whose common denominator is high performance. Throughout this time, the family business has focused its efforts on manufacturing and improving the same product, with numerous international patents. Mundolatas interviews its president, Francisco Peñalver.

ML- How long has the company been in operation, what values represent it and differentiate it from others?

José Peñalver started with a partner in 1984, after a long career in the extinct machinery factory Sánchez Rex, but it was not until 1988 when he founded alone Industrias Peñalver, S.L. Quality and commitment, both with our suppliers and with our customers, would be the values that best define us.

ML- What was the turnover in figures in 2021?

Turnover amounted to €3.7 million, broadly unchanged from previous years. Machinery sales fell slightly and spare parts sales increased, which in overall terms resulted in a turnover similar to that of 2020.

ML- You currently have three lines of business, varnishing machines, gluing machines and ovens. In which line or lines of business has there been the greatest increase in production, and are you working on R&D?

The varnishing machines continue to be our flagship product. We make continuous improvements such as connectivity for remote support, a more efficient and environmentally friendly system that also means significant savings for our customer, such as the application of varnish at low pressure, thus reducing machine maintenance times. We are working on new products related to rubberizing in order to provide a complete and definitive solution for our customer and to remain competitive in the market. We are also immersed in trials for Peel Off lid related products, with customized machinery, and in a drying oven for Twist Off lid and for any type of application that requires high speed drying.

ML- How many employees are on staff?

We are currently a team of 23 people. We are a small family business and have a permanent and stable staff.

ML-In your opinion, what is the current situation of the sector and what are the expectations for this year given the current situation?

We are seeing a great demand for metal packaging, which is increasing every year, especially in aluminum and beverages, although we are not in this sector at the moment. The crisis caused by COVID-19 seems to be easing worldwide, thus reducing restrictions, which is beneficial for the growth of the economy, although we will have to keep an eye on the evolution of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and what this may mean for the sector.

6- Currently you have already manufactured more than 400 machines for metal packaging, producing in more than 30 countries. What are the expectations for growth at international level, in which countries do you expect a greater demand?

Spain is a very strong country in the easy opening sector where we expect a great demand. Regarding the international market, countries such as Ecuador and the United Arab Emirates continue to bet on our equipment, and we have noticed movement in countries such as Hungary and Poland.


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