CepedaMeltog (Spain) is the recently formed joint venture company between two of the industry’s longest standing quality equipment manufacturers, Cepeda (Spain) and Meltog (UK) joined forces to offer the latest generation in all types of presses (Sheet feed Presses whole, strip feed presses, lug forming presses etc …) manufactured in England and marketed from Spain.

The company has just delivered a line that includes the new generation of Cepedameltog Sheet feed Press and Redrawing–Trimming for making a 2 piece can for tuna fish.  With a capability of up to 600 cans per minute with 4-out tooling.
This press line is amongst the most advanced available on the market.
The line incorporates the very latest technologies including high speed, low inertia linear servo motors, a state-of-the-art control system with touch screen technology, and with both in-built and remote diagnostic capabilities.

The Cepedameltog feeder is the only one in the industry to include 7 fully servo motorized axes with high-inertia, high-speed linear motors that allow you to work with lithographed and scrolled sheets with webs up to 0.6 mm

The two presses incorporate many new and innovative features designed to minimise maintenance requirements, provide long tool life and easy, trouble-free operation.

Other options would include different tonnages, operating speeds and ram heights.

Link of the line: https://youtu.be/B9fR2pBOOm0

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