Unist system allows for unprecedented level of control in the application of cupping fluids.

Grand Rapids, MI – Unist, Inc. (www.unist.com).

Designed specifically for beverage can-makers, the Unist Apex™ is a fluid metering system that delivers precise amounts of cupping lubricant to a Unist Uni-Roller® lubricator.

The Uni-Roller®, in turn, lays an even and consistent film of oil across the top and bottom of aluminum stock prior to being fed into the cupping press.

This system allows users to program in the exact amount of fluid they would like applied and guarantees can-makers have firm control over both cup weights and the amount of oil being used in their operation.

The Apex™ provides users with an unparalleled level of fluid control through its use of an electronically controlled positive displacement pump, which also safeguards against fluctuations in fluid output that can come with changes in fluid viscosity.

PLC based controls allow for easy setup, troubleshooting, and monitoring, and an intuitive color touch screen user interface displays all critical system parameters.

The Apex™ also tracks total lubricant dispensed, making it easy for users to track lubrication costs.  With proven success on hundreds of cupping presses around the world, the decision to upgrade the front end of your beverage lines is an easy one.

About Unist:

Unist has been manufacturing precision lubrication application systems since 1957 and systems specifically for the metal forming industry since 1993.

Unist’s Uni-Roller systems feature a patented internally fed roller design and provide an environmentally friendly solution for applying lubricants to coil stock.

The Unist product line is built around the concept of applying lubrication in a precise manner resulting in fluid usage reduction, the elimination of unsightly, dangerous fluid mess, and increased efficiency due to an even and consistent application of fluid.

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