Mundolatas Magazine Nº14 March and April


08 Toyo Seikan, can production starts.
10 Cepedameltog intrudes hairless technology.
14 PPG recognized as most admired company.
16 Bevcraft Group merges with Heidrun Tapperi As.
30 Tata Steel recognized for promoting diversity.
36 Stolle celebrates fifinancing.
38 Winners of the Latamcan 2023 Awards.
40 Luc Brantjes is appointed Apeal’s new president.
44 Tim Conybeare new director of The Can Makers.
52 KHS and Ferrum take a pioneering role in design.
60 Ardagh Metal Packaging launches a new can size.
66 Do you know the most beautiful beer cans in Brazil?
78 Dte wins a $1.85 million contract.
82 A Czech splits 36 cans with his mouth in one minute.
92 Recycling record after the implementation of the reimbursement system


50 Fernando Fuentes. Founder Mundolatas.

Technical articles 2pc:

54 Comparison of the mandrel circle between decorticators.

Technical articles 3pc:

24 Physical strength of metal containers

Market research:

84 Metal cans for food and beverages by type.