Act globally, think locally: Eviosys opens state-of-the-art factory in Thailand.

Eviosys expands its presence in Asia with the opening of a new state-of-the-art factory in Thailand with high sustainability credentials

Eviosys Thailand will produce 85-gram drawn aluminum cans for single-serve pet food in response to the fast-growing wet pet food market in the region.

Eviosys announces its first investment in Asia: the opening of a new state-of-the-art plant in Thailand.
Eviosys, the global packaging giant, has announced its expansion in Asia: the opening of a new state-of-the-art factory in Thailand. With this investment, Eviosys will bring its expertise and leadership to the region. As Eviosys intends to continue growing in 2023, this new plant will serve as a reference point for expansion into new markets.

The plant will be equipped with new state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient equipment, and will run entirely on electricity, thus eliminating the need for gas, in line with Eviosys’ goal of reducing emissions by 20% by 2027. The aluminum used will be sourced from a local supplier located within 100 km of the plant, further reducing the carbon footprint while supporting local employment. Eviosys will hire and train local teams on-site, thus contributing to its ambitious Preserve Together program and to the development of the region. For Eviosys, sustainability goes beyond the circularity of its products. The company wants to set an example by supporting local communities in all its plants around the world.

Francois Querrioux, CEO of Eviosys, commented on the new expansion: “While Eviosys is a global player in the sector, it also seeks to maintain its roots at all times and support local communities in the regions in which it invests. Our expansion into Thailand is an exciting initiative to enter a new market. Sustainability remains at the core of our business and the line of classic stretch aluminum cans to be produced here for the local market will advance our goal of being the first choice for innovative and sustainable packaging globally.”

Eviosys manufactures infinitely recyclable metal containers. The 85-gram single-serve drawn aluminum cans produced at the new plant are destined for the wet pet food category (a currently underserved segment with an annual growth rate of 6%). Metal is a tough, durable material with unbeatable lifetime credentials that offer superior protection and preservation of branded products and our planet. The 85 g format and durability of the metal will help combat waste throughout the supply chain all the way to the consumer’s pantry.