Optical system corrected to infinity (IOS).


  • Optical system corrected to infinity (IOS). Simple optical design that ensures good centering of the lenses and a smooth and precise movement of the mechanics.
  • Ergonomic stationary with large T-shaped base that gives it great stability.
  • Trinocular head , suitable for taking pictures and videos. 22mm wide field eyepieces,
  • Interpupillary adjustment 55-75 mm and diopter correction.
  • Objectives of long distance of work (LWD), Plan-achromatics fully corrected to infinity (IOS) and specific for works in epi- lighting metallography for preparations without cover (MET).
  • Large mechanical plate 250 x 230 mm, with XY 114 x range of motion 81 mm by coaxial controls.
  • Equipped with various systems for holding plates, flasks, slides , etc. 12V / 50W halogen lamp incident lighting located in outer casing centrable and with light intensity adjustment.
  • Filters: blue, polarizer and analyzer.

Shipping not included, EXW Murcia (Spain)

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