It includes:

  • Polser battery polisher, with charger and replacement battery.
  • Briefcase with lock
  • Keys necessary for adjustment
  • 1 set of polishing brushes, 1st grain station to choose, 2nd grain station to choose.
  • Manual of defects and closing solutions.
  • Instructions for use, safety manual and CE certificate.



  • Double clamping for better stability and security.
  • Three wheels of traction of different hardness.
  • Easy work positioning in the throat of the rulina.
  • 4,800 rpm clockwise sanding brushes.
  • 2,250 rpm counterclockwise direction of closing roller.
  • Two polishing stations, roughing and finishing.
  • Flexible sandpaper which adapts perfectly to any profile of closing roller.
  • Valid for 1st and 2nd pass roller profiles without changing anything in the Polser polisher.
  • Maximum profile width with the standard configuration 4.5 mm (outside these measurements consult).
  • Different polishing grains for each polishing station and for each type of rulina, we detail them below.
  • Anti-rotation brush system, for proper traction.
  • Polser is adjustable for all types of rulinas.
  • System of regulation by means of toothed crown for a greater precision.
  • The chassis and regulation system made of duralumin and wear parts in steel.
  • Makita battery traction body.
  • Replacement battery and battery charger included.
  • Protection housing stainless steel.
  • CE marked.
  • Safety and use manual.
  • Aluminum case for proper maintenance and ready to travel.
  • Ergonomic handle, for correct support.


  1. Keep your new closing wheels as the first day.
  2. Abrasion and rust free closures.
  3. Polish each closure roller in 1 minute without disassembling anything and without having to readjust the container sealer, just 1 minute of line stop per closure roller.
  4. Extends the life of your closing wheels considerably.
  5. Reduces the cost of stock of closing wheels.
  6. Dramatically reduces the closing times of the seamer by friction in the double closure.
  7. Polish your closing wheels without disassembling them.
  8. It is not necessary to have experience in container sealers or cans to use the Polser polisher.
  9. Adjustable for all types of closing wheels independent of the type of roller and the sealer model.
  10. Polser is maintenance free.
  11. Valid for closing wheels with titanium, chrome or any surface treatment whether steel or stainless steel or any material such as ceramic, hard metal etc.
  12. Immediate availability of any polishing tool or polisher accessory.
  13. With a single Polser polisher you can polish all the different models of closing wheels.


  • Replacement sanding disc: 50 euros.
  • 1 set of spare wheels: 90 euros.

Shipping not included, EXW Murcia (Spain)

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 55 × 40 × 20 cm


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