Meter of depth Digital (0-12,7mmx0.01)




  • We can provide depth gauge dial high quality digital
  • LCD big for one reading simple
  • structure Simple, precise stable
  • The brand of the customer can be printed on the products.
  • Conversion of the system metric / inch in any position
  • provides measurements of speed reading and direct depth of the hole


  • Alloy hardened stainless steel material resistant to wear
  • Structure resistant to the blows, mechanism of precision stable
  • Diameter of the sphere 56mm, length of the basis 63*17mm
  • Diameter of the rod of measurement: Φ4. 5mm
  • Battery: battery of lithium CR2032 3 V
  • Display Fast of the value measured on the screen LCD large
  • With switch to on and off automatically for the option
  • Three key of function
  • Set zero at any position
  • Mm/inch conversion of the system of measurement
  • battery of lithium ambient of 3 V, duration of the battery> 1 year
  • Measurement for the dimension of the inner hole, groove depth and pitch of the workpiece not to order
  • Range of measurement: mm
  • Resolution: mm
  • Accuracy: mm Xwde-1
  • 0-12.7mm / 0.5 “
  • 0.01mm / 0005″
  • ± 0 02mm

Shipping not included, EXW Murcia (Spain)

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