Industrial cans tightness tester



Industrial cans tightness tester.


  • Equipment to check the tightness of cans that have only 1 closed end.
  • Equipment for 6 – 8 cans depending on the diameter of the cans. Ø52(202) – Ø153 (603) mm
  • Double push button safety`
  • Polycarbonate protections
  • Water basin to check for leaks.
  • Adjustable dive time
  • Manometer to adjust the required pressure.
  • Fully pneumatic operation.
  • CE marking


The machine’s operating cycle is as follows:


  • We operate and hold two hands simultaneously on the two buttons on the panel.
  • The upper arms close the clamp on the boat mouth and start the immersion in the water basin.
  • Once the complete lowering is done, we can release the buttons and the machine injects pressurized air into the metal containers.
  • The inspection on the surface is visual and the operator must look for any air leakage that occurs in a boat and that is manifested by bubbling on the surface of the water.
  • Once the inspection has been carried out and the suitability of the closure has been verified under the criteria that the client deems appropriate, we return to operate the two controls simultaneously (this time we only press without holding) and return the machine to its initial position, raise the whole of the raft and once up opens the clamp, for further checking.


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