A digital caliper with the standard – exterior – and jaws inside equipped.




Throw on the dropdown: 0-150mm 85 euros 0-200mm 120 euros A digital calibrator standard – outside – and jaws fitted inside. Hardened stainless steel construction and equipped with the latest ABSOLUTE AOS electromagnetic scale – system for, high error free – speed measurement. Features – Clearer and clearer reading LCD. – The ZERO / ABS – button allows the display along zero – points in each position of the slide to the scale for comparative measurements. This button is also the true position from the origin to absolute ABS – closed mode point normally returning the jaws. ABSOLUTE Digimatic MeasurementAbsolutely Absolutely impressive for the screen: The absolute system. Integrate all Mitutoyo with this ingenious absolute measurement system logo. an absolute scale must have been established, which is then maintained for all future measurements, no matter how many times the equipment is turned off, only the original position. Incremental measurements can without setting the origin. Specifications Do not be made at any time. 500-196 – 30Type Standard Range 0 – 150 mm / 0 – 6 “Resolution 0.01mm / 0005a” 0th Accuracy 02mm /. 001 “Scale – Advanced AOS type encoder in situ electromagnetic induction ABS encoder repeatability 0 01mmFine adjustment with thumb rollerDepth The blade bar LCD screen responseMax unlimited battery SR44Battery life about speed 3, 5 years under normal useFunctions Origin – .. Set, zero – set, inches / mm, automatic, low – voltage – .. alarm, alarm counting value error composition -…

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0-150mm, 0-200mm, 0-300mm

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