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The microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine is a high-precision multi-purpose material testing machine that tests the mechanical properties of various metallic materials, non-metallic materials, composite materials, and polymer materials in the state of tension, compression, bending  , cutting, peeling, tearing and other mechanical properties.


  • control and display by Computer + Software 6 types of test curves:
    Force-displacement, force-deformation, stress-displacement,
    Stress-strain force-displacement
  • extensometer can be installed to test the deformation of rubber or metal material
  • can do high temperature testing by oven and high temperature oven
  • all kinds of test accessories, manual / hydraulic / Pneumatic accessories can be installed
  • you can customize the height, width and follow any test standard or customer request
  • also ETM type Digital display


The technical parameters

Shipping not included, EXW Murcia (Spain)

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